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The Milken Institute, a private economic think-tank based in Santa Monica, Calif., notes that the population is aging and that obesity and preventable diseases among Americans of all ages, included children, have risen alarmingly in recent years. 
“Good health is an investment in economic growth”, Ross Devol, director of the Milken Institute’s Centre for Health Economics

What is the SMART Health Corporate Wellness Program?

S.M.A.R.T. Health is an innovative, advanced practical resource for individuals and businesses to learn about health in a relaxed atmosphere, and challenge themselves to be their best. By tapping into the internal rewards system of each individual, SMART choices are encouraged and SMART habits are developed at work, home and at play.  Workshops teach the keys to achieving and maintaining a healthy body and mind, encompassing a healthy lifestyle, functional medicines, and prevention via a thorough understanding of the biochemistry of health and disease.  True health arises through education, commitment and choice. Being smart about each of these leads to success, fulfillment and optimal health to a degree beyond what most people and doctors think possible.

Why Choose SMART Health as YOUR Corporate Wellness Program?

SMART is a truly innovative corporate wellness program based on functional and naturopathic medicine to support workplace effectiveness, focus, concentration and morale. On-site health biomarkers assessment and online functional health questionnaire evaluate employee health, while tracking and highlighting improvements from start to finish!

How does SMART Work?

-Up to Twelve 75 minute practical, engaging educational workshops delivered onsite with chef-prepared, doctor-approved health food samples at every presentation!
-Monthly newsletters with guidance, tools and coupons for local healthy choices
-Positive prevention for any state of health: ACUTE ILLNESS OR INJURY, CHRONIC CONDITIONS, Maintaining Health & PREVENTION
-Teaches techniques for enhancing concentration, memory, and mood without medications.


How will SMART Help Grow or Sustain MY Business?

Increased morale, job satisfaction, commitment and performance!

Become a business that supports its community in making good choices
Contact us to discuss how we can meet your company’s needs for corporate wellness!
Phone: (204) 510-4268
Email: smarthealthprogram@gmail.com

-A new survey by Virgin HealthMiles Inc. and Workforce Management Magazine, suggests as much. 77% of employees responded  that “health and  wellness programs positively impact the culture at work.”

-“… the perception of being cared for in a workplace culture that encourages wellness, just might boast a more committed and happy workforce in the new world of work which is arguably hi-tech, global and 24/7.” –Forbes Magazine

-A study by HR Consulting Firm Towers Watson and the National Business Group on Health showed that companies with effective corporate wellness programs reported a decrease in health care costs, employee absenteeism, and voluntary attrition.
-“Wellness programs can become a platform for engaging employees in discussions about “personal sustainability” and provide support for employees in the areas of stress management, spirituality at work, health and fitness, healthy lifestyles, etc.”---Strandberg Consulting Report on Role of Human Resources Management in Corporate Social Responsibility, for Industry Canada 2009.