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E-mailed Patient Comments to Dr. Korsunsky

"Best doctor I've ever seen in my life. Symptoms can get complex as your health worstens and she sorts it out and finds the root cause. Two years of suffering figured out in half an hour. Treatment was for the problem causing the symptoms. She literally saved my life. She's changed the way I look at our medical system. She knows her stuff and she finds you answers. You want a medical problem figured out, don't google it, don't go to the mayo clinic, go to Sara."


"I am delighted that you address more than physical symptoms. As I am beginning to slowly rediscover some good things in life, I am realizing that you and your practice are going to be a part of that. Thank you for being so attentive and spending so much time listening to me. You've already made a difference".

F. P.


"I just want to send a note of thanks and appreciation for everything you've done for me thus far.
I understand that it is not just when you see me but you put several hours after towards my issues and I really want to thank you for making a good person better!"

With gratitude, J. H.


"Sara's suggestions were helpful and I've integrated a number of her ideas. I really appreciate Sara's knowledge, sensitivity and also the wide range of modalities she uses."

S. F


"I have just recently started seeing Dr. Korsunsky for a variety of medical health issues. She has been extremely helpful and does very well with explaining various treatments and options to her patients. I greatly appreciate the time she takes with her patients and find her to be highly professional."


From our patient feedback forms:

How has your health improved since following your personalized Naturopathic treatment plan?

1) "I have more energy and I I no longer have leg cramps. I used to feel like "death" when I woke up in the mornings…now I have endless energy and feel vibrant and alive. People tell me I look younger too! Thanks Sara!" E. H.

2) I was surprised by how much weight I lost and I noticed that it was "less effort" to follow my plan as I saw the results occur." C.K

3) "Overall health improved. Chronic fungus gone! System support boosted- yay!" N.M.

4) "My skin's allergic reaction healed and I felt a lot better after going through treatment with Dr. Sara. For my head injury, it was harder to determine but I did not have to use Tylenol or Advil (anymore) as I was following the plan, and experienced many fewer headaches than I expected to have." C. V.


What did you like about your Naturopathic treatments?

"They were informative sessions, and Sara always explained the treatments and answered all questions thoroughly. She also asked a lot of questions, so you felt she "cared". She also took her time, and never made you feel rushed. You could ask her "anything". I also liked that the treatments were natural and not prescription based." E. H.