The Program and Benefits to Employer and Employees

Program Structure

5 Steps

  1. SMART Health SCORE: Onsite physical health assessments and health questionnaires evaluate initial corporate and employee heath
  2. ONSITE HEALTH TALKS: Packages include six to twelve 60 minute practical, engaging wellness workshops delivered onsite with chef-prepared, doctor-approved meals.
  3. ONGOING SUPPORT: Monthly lectures, health newsletters, recipes and incentives transform corporate health culture and provide sustainable support for participants
  5. TOTAL HEALTH: SMART business save money and improve the bottom line as there is an ROI in employee wellness. SMART participants enjoy professional success, personal fulfillment and optimal health to a degree beyond what most people and doctors believe possible.  And SMART companies maintain SMART employees.


  • Reduce overall costs associated with acute illness, disease, fatigue and burnout.  Reduce health insurance premiums and WCB claims costs.
  • Enjoy increased employee morale, commitment and performance– as your employees improve their health and focus, enjoying the support of their colleagues.  Studies show a strong link between the success and vitality of an organization, and the wellness of its employees.
  • Attract and retain the most talented workers who see the health benefits as a perk.  Proactive employers are increasingly incorporating company wellness programs as part of their overall strategy for promoting a healthier workplace
  • Increase profits! Making healthier lifestyle choices increases the employee’s chances of averting acute and chronic diseases or illnesses.  While productivity gains are more evident than medical cost savings brought about by company wellness programs, the latter is nonetheless equally important.
  • For Stats and Research on the Value of Corporate Wellness Initiatives, click here.


  • Improved energy, memory, focus, mood and sleep quality
  • Optimized digestive, immune and hormonal health through nutrition & supplementation
  • Reduced stress and pain through mind-body awareness, meditation & exercise
  • Access the most comprehensive health information that a wellness program has to offer
  • Access resources, rewards and discounts from partner companies
  • Enjoy HealthTalks by a Doctor and Chef made Smart Meals in a relaxed atmosphere
  • Benefit from the support of your workplace community as you make sustainable health changes (it’s hard to do alone!)