Nature itself is the best physician – Hippocrates

  • Smarth Health can help your employees stay healthy and fit, the natural way.

    1SMART Health ScoreOnsite physical health assessments and health questionnaire evaluate employee heath at the start and finish.

  • Drinking and eating natural, organic foods can help your health at the office and home. Learn more with SMART Health.

    2Onsite Health Talks Packages include six or more 60 minute practical, engaging wellness workshops delivered onsite with chef-prepared, doctor-approved meals.

  • SMART Health isn't a one-stop consultation. We stay connected with your business and your office health plan. Contact us to learn more!

    3Ongoing SupportMonthly lectures, health newsletters, recipes and incentives transform corporate health culture and provide sustainable support for participants.

  • A healthy office is one that has full-body wellness. Learn more from the naturopaths at SMART Health in Winnipeg.

    4Total HealthLiving SMART leads to professional success, personal fulfillment and optimal health to a degree beyond what most people and doctors believe possible.


Increased morale, job satisfaction, commitment and performance!


Studies show a strong link between the vitality of an organization and the wellness of its employees. Maintaining a healthy body and mind will enhance your employees’ ability to create productive relationships with workmates and customers.


SMART habits, a positive outlook and a supportive work environment can reduce the number and duration of workplace absences due to illness.  This, in turn, increases your company's productivity and success in your industry.


Increasingly, companies are expected to meet the physical, mental, social and emotional demands of their employees.  Enhance your corporate culture to improve morale, retain vital employees and attract prospects and exciting opportunities.


SMART Health fosters healthy communities through education, motivation and sustainable change. By aligning your company with SMART Health, you will become a leading business that supports a vital, healthy workplace and planet!